I haven’t posted new workshops of late as I have been getting myself geared up in my clay studio.

essence still life 3I am excited to announce; however, that I have been selected to participate in the Golden Paints Artist Educator Program and I will be attending a week long training all about their amazing products and how to use them and I plan on sharing knowledge when I return from the training.  There will be new workshops put in place in the coming year.  I am fully stacked up with art shows, and training and a wedding between now and the end of the year.  Stay tuned for a holiday project mini workshop in the fall though.

Two Online Workshops!!

I am participating in two fabulous online workshop venues and I will be sharing links to those soon.  One featuring mono printing collage work and the other will feature doing a collage portrait.  I am excited to be working with a number of other very talented artists to bring you all some fun creative opportunities right to your own studios/art rooms/tabletops.  Stay tuned for that info and links!

Upcoming Workshops (Local)

March 3:  Encaustics with Graphite & Collage  10- 3 pm @ my Acorn Haven Studios *

We will be creating a graphite base on panel, then slowly build layers of encaustic medium, encaustic paints, collage and oil sticks to finish out our work.

girl2    20170227_173240-1   Homesick

*Sorry.  This workshop is currently sold out.

March 24 & 25  Broken Glass Mosaic Workshop

March 31 & April 7: PaperClay Paper Mache Workshop

Upcoming Online: