Local Classes


Feb. 23 (10-2 pm) & Feb. 24 (12-3 pm), 2019 rescheduled due to weather to March 30 & 31.

Learn all the ways you can build layers and depth in an abstract work using a variety of GOLDEN Mediums.  We will be working on a panel substrate and creating vivid abstracts with GOLDEN Acrylic Colors and other media.  On Saturday we will discuss composition and start the process and then work further on Sunday adding more finishes.  Some supplies provided, small supply list provided on registration.  Bring a sack lunch on Saturday.  Limited to 6 participants.

Location: Acorn Haven Studios, 8265 Lascassas Pike, Lascassas TN  37085

Mixed Media Abstract Workshop

2 Day Workshop Learning Techniques for Abstract Mixed Media




March 9, 10-3 pm

A workshop designed specifically for those of you who avoid doing portrait work because you think its too hard.  In this workshop, I will show you some simple steps to begin to have an enjoyable relationship with portrait work.  We will work in several mediums and have some playful fun creating some delightful images.  I promise you, you will come away with a little more confidence in your ability to make a portrait than when you entered this workshop.   Some supplies required.  Bring some images of faces you like.  Limited to 6 participants.  Bring a sack lunch.

Location: Acorn Haven Studio, 8265 Lascassas Pike, Lascassas TN  37085

Portrait Workshop

March 9, 2019 10 - 3 pm workshop



Making a Mixed Media Diorama

April 6 & 7, 2019      (10-2 pm/12-3 pm)

In this two-day workshop, we will create a fun narrative in a box form, or also known as a diorama.  Will use a collection of found objects, collage materials, mediums and paint to tell our story in 3D form.   Many of the supplies will be provided, but there is a supply list as well that will be emailed to you upon registration.



You can begin searching for a small wooden box container to house your diorama.  Not much bigger than a shoe box size preferably because of our time constraint.

Location: Acorn Haven Studios, 8265 Lascassas Pike, Lascassas TN  37085


Mixed Media Diorama Workshop



Landscapes in Oils

April 20, 2019        10-3 pm

oil landscapeIn this workshop we will learn how to choose a subject, understand some basic composition rules of thumb, and paint a landscape using oil paints.  Some materials provided, small supply list will be sent to you  upon registration.

Location: Acorn Haven Studios, 8265 Lascassas Pike, Lascassas TN  37085

Landscapes in Oils – Workshop




Special Feature:

Nelson Grice – Sculpture Workshop

May 19, 2019      10-2 pm


A one-day workshop taught by clay artist, Nelson Grice at Acorn Haven.  All materials will be provided and Nelson will step you through how he builds one of his small figures.  You will be able to make your own piece.  You can take it home to fire if you have a kiln or it will be fired at Acorn Haven studios and you can pick it up at a later date.

The fee for the workshop is $140, please use the link below to register.

Location: 8265 Lascassas Pike, Lascassas TN  37085

More Info on Facebook Page:

Nelson Grice Workshop

Handbuilding Sm. Clay Figure



Creating Colorful Papers for Collage

June 1, 2019     10-3 pm

In this workshop, we will start with mono printing papers with the intention of using for collage, as well as painting, doodling and stamping other papers for collage, then we will creating painting with collage that incorporates the papers we make.

art 020

Most materials will be provided, but small supply list will be sent to you upon registration.


Location: Acorn Haven Studios, 8265 Lascassas Pike, Lascassas TN  37085

Creating Collage Papers

Collage Papers and Mixed Media Workshop



Mixed Media Mosaic Shrines

July 13 & 14, 2019       (10-3 pm/12-3 pm)

We will be constructing a shrine using polymer mosaic tiles, glass tiles, found objects and a variety of images.  The shrines will be supported on a wood structure and can free stand or hang on the wall.  Some materials will be provided, but there will be some materials and supplies required.  Space is limited so register soon.

Mixed Media Mosaic Shrine Workshop

2 day workshop