In my childhood if we wanted something we had to make it.  Some would have called it impoverished, but to me it was the foundation to my own creative journey and lead me to becoming a recognized multi-disciplined artist.

I work in a myriad of art disciplines, from paintings, sculpting, fabric, quilting, printmaking and mixed media.  I combine whatever elements are necessary to tell the story I am trying to tell at that time.

Most recently I have landed in Mixed Media Sculptures.  Though I am addicted to art processes and love exploring combining my many areas of art disciplines in a piece so I don’t like to be strapped down to any one genre.  Sculpture with elements of mixed media and assemblage are really what excites me most right now.  My work is centered around the exploration of the relationships between humans and animals, and the vulnerability and sensitivity of both – often times with a cheeky punchline thrown in.