These past many months I have been taking stock of myself as an artist.   I have been pursuing art full-time for the past 12 years now; searching out processes, tools, techniques and where I want to land as an artist.  I have been on an intense journey of self-study for all of those years, and a long time before that actually, as a part-time creative.

I have worked art festivals as the primary means of selling my work from the very beginning of my creative process.  I have literally done hundreds.  When you work that way you get into a dialogue in your head about making art to sell, rather than making art for the sake of making art.  In the in between times of the heavy festival season, when I take a moment to breath, I use that time to make the art that burbles up from soul and I have no care or worry about where it will end up.  It is always my personal favorite work that shows up in these times.

Earlier this year, I made the decision to cut the “festival” umbilical cord, and begin to work without that preamble in my head any more.  (And before you step on a platform, shake your pointer finger and proclaim: “You should always make art for the sake of art!”, let’s get real with each other and admit we artists who make our living with strictly artwork, have all had the “what is going to sell” internal dialogue at some point – so please don’t preach).  When you finely take the leap of faith towards making the art you want to make for the sake of making art, the new internal dialogue becomes a question to yourself about what matters.  What do you want to say?  What gets you worked up, or what do you care about?

Cant I Just Stay Here With Sheldon

In my foray through many mediums I have finally landed happily on my two most dominant areas of creativity – sculpture and painting.  But what subjects, what stories, what gets me going?

I did some soul searching and what I really care most about are these: our environmental issues, women and their roles and relationship as nurtures and their powerful influence in the world, and the natural world, and what this planet will be like under our influences.   At root I am a story teller, so whether its portraying our vulnerabilities or strength as humans, our culpability for the state of our planet, the relationships we have with nature and our world – those are the things I am compelled to talk about most.  Some poignant some whimsical portrayals – that is where I see my work heading in the months to come.

I hope you will follow my journey and see what happens.  I am excited to finally just let it flow.



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