This show is different!

On May 18, 2019 from 10 am – 4 pm, I am hosting an open studio that I think is very unique.  There are lots of elements to the show that I am super excited about.  I am sharing my large workshop space (Acorn Haven Studios, 8265 Lascassas Pike, Lascassas, TN 37085) with eight other ceramic artists who I admire.  I am also debuting my ceramic work for the first time officially.

If you are like me, you love to go to craft and art shows and hunt for treasures.  And pottery is certainly a mainstay for these kinds of shows.  I love the wide variety of local artists that are found in these kinds of events, and show my own art at them often enough.  However, for someone who has ADD it can also be overwhelming to have so many things to see and choose from in front of me.

“What I wanted to do for this open studio show was pare it down to only offer ceramic sculptures and functional pieces.”

In my quest for artists, I started with one of my favorites!!!  I was completely thrilled when Nelson Grice, my featured artists for the event, agreed to do the show.  I have been a fan of his since very early on in my clay exploration.  He is from Birmingham area and his work is shown in galleries across the country.  He has an incredible style with clay that gives the illusion that his animal figurative work he creates are held together with bolts and mechanics.  He finishes them in a range of surface treatments that makes you puzzle over whether they are metal, clay or otherwise.  Not to mention his whimsical storytelling approach, which of course resonates with me.  Recently, you can even spot one of his pieces in a beautiful decor featured in Architectural Digest.

Nelson also agreed to teach a workshop on Sunday, May 18,  10-3 pm and will help participants build one of his magical figures here at my studios.  There are still a few spaces available.  (You can register for that on here: Local Classes ).  He also offers workshops on a regular basis in his studio and you can find out about those on his website (link provided below).

See More of Nelson’s Work Here on His WebSite

I have some nervous energy about this show on my own behalf, as it is my first official debut of my ceramic work.  I have been using clay as a form of relaxation for the past six plus years.  First taking lessons at Studio S in Murfreesboro, and then in past year or so in my own studio that I set up here at home.  I never intended to market my ceramics to the patrons of my other mixed media work, but more and more the pieces started selling off my living room shelves.   I also find that I really, really, love working with clay and  having my own kiln and lots of time to explore the medium, have honed my skills enough to feel ready to offer up my wares.  Many of the pieces I have been working on for this show have not been shared at all on social media so I am hoping to surprise my guests with a side of my art that they haven’t experienced before.

Dawna Magliacano
“Ernest” by Dawna Magliacano

Hand picking the artists was a lot of fun.  I wanted to offer a diverse collection of clay work by uniquely different clay artists and went seeking out some of my favorite folks in the area whose work I really admire with the intention of making this show a special and diverse experience for those who attend.

The artists I selected who produce beautiful sculptures and functional pieces include:  Nelson Grice, Kay Currie, James Carson, Crystal Shade, Kaitlin Savage, Chelsea Zachary, Gwen Copeland and Robert Harvey.  All of which are well-established ceramic artists.  You can learn more about each of them and see more samples of their work on the Facebook page:  @unearthedstudioshow

There will be light refreshments served throughout the day, lots of beautiful work to purchase and bring home, a chance to meet and speak with the artist, and for the lucky few that enroll am opportunity to learn from Nelson Grice.

I hope this becomes an annual event, offering more artists and more workshops in the future.  See you on the 18th!!!

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